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The gathering

August 4th-6th, 2023  |  Gateway Ranch  |  Flagstaff, AZ

Sonder '23: The Year of Self Love

Join us for a transformative weekend gathering where self-love takes center stage. Embrace authentic connections as we create a safe space for individuals to come together and celebrate their unique journeys. Engage in invigorating wellness workshops that empower personal growth and nourish mind, body, and soul. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of uplifting music and let your spirit soar through vibrant dancing, uniting everyone in a joyful celebration of life and self-expression. It's a weekend dedicated to cultivating love, connection, and holistic wellbeing, leaving you refreshed, inspired, and deeply connected to yourself and others.

Time & Location

  • Gates open at 10:00am on Friday, August 4th

  • Pack out before dark on Sunday, August 6th

  • Location: Gateway Ranch, 35 minutes NE of Flagstaff, AZ (specific directions to the ranch will be included in your registration packet)

  • *Early Entry* - Join us on Thursday and get a primo camping spot by purchasing an Early Entry Pass during registration. An Early Entry Pass will allow the holder admission on August 3rd at 12:00pm. **Note** Each ticket holder MUST have their own Early Entry Pass in order to be admitted before the General Admission gate opens at 10:00am on Friday, August 4th.

What will I find there?

  • Community building

  • Ecstatic dance

  • Personal wellbeing workshops

  • Interactive art

  • Sound Healing

  • Live music

  • Social wellness workshops

  • More TBA

Ready to Join?

Preparing for Sonder '23

Step one:

Step two: everything else 

Sonder '23 is a 3 day camping event at an off-grid ranch in Northern Arizona. As such you will need to be fully self-sufficient and self-reliant. This includes food, water, shelter, and adequate gear for warm days and chilly nights. Below are some additional guidelines that we ask you to agree to before submitting your application so that we're all on the same page!


  • come as you are

  • be kind to yourself and others

  • spin fire ONLY in designated locations after attending fire safety training

  • respect the personal and emotional boundaries of others

  • only use alcohol and/or legal substances in a responsible and safe way

  • keep it legal

  • stay on designated paths

  • strongly secure your tent, trash and other personal items (sudden wind gusts at Gateway Ranch can reach 80+ mph)

  • pick up after yourself and keep your camping area tidy

  • practice radical self-reliance (bring everything you need)

  • practice radical self-expression

  • only use propane cooking stoves and fire pits with an on/off switch (no burning wood or trash outside of designated venue-tended fire areas)

  • stay out of restricted areas without proper credentials

  • actively participate in keeping yourself and others safe

First time at Gateway Ranch?

Check out this GATEWAY RANCH SURVIVAL GUIDE for tips on how to make your experience at Sonder ‘23 comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

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